Rebecca Takemoto
—Owner, Principal Planner

(As told by client, Austin Matthews)

Rebecca Takemoto literally makes elephants dance!  She spent her college years studying music (vocal performance and pedagogy) and Human Resources/Management in college. Post school Rebecca needed a ‘real job’ , so decided to tip her hat at the planning world. She quickly found she had quite a knack for it and has been using her abilities to get things moving at Syncopate since 2000.  Rebecca effortlessly makes easy work of planning events for ten to 10,000, and intersperses that work with helping her clients get the most out of their meetings and events. Her favorite part of any client experience is helping a client realize their potential as an organization. (We didn’t say she’s not a control freak). Sailing, skiing and racing around with four kids (and a husband) use the same skills as her company:  planning, mapping, moving, synchronizing and, above all, getting it all done on time.  Perfectly.  Each time.